Huangzhong cadres and the masses of the eighteen grand opening ceremony

At 9 a.m. on November 8th, the Communist Party of China held its eighteenth National Congress in Beijing. Huangzhong county cadres and workers, the masses of all ethnic groups through radio, television, network and other means, the first time to listen to the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony.

members of the Central Committee of the county Party committee focused on the opening ceremony of the general assembly, listened to the report made by Comrade Hu Jintao on behalf of the seventeen Central committee. Everyone agreed that the report of the 17th Party Congress has conscientiously sum up the work and achievements, summarizes the valuable experience of ten years, made a comprehensive plan for the next five years of development, is an exciting report, reflect the voice of the people, embodies the national interests of the people.

On the morning of 8

9:00, DOPA town authorities meeting room All seats are occupied., all cadres and workers and part of the village cadres attentively watching the eighteen grand opening ceremony in front of the tv. Party secretary Chen Zhanyou said that since the party’s eighteen years, we have always put the development of rural productive forces, the construction of modern agriculture, increase farmers’ income in an important position, the results of reform and development to benefit rural and farmers. In the future, we will take the eighteen big meeting as an opportunity to seriously study the spirit of the meeting, closely around the county Party committee and county government to work hard to complete the task.

County Lao Ganju more than 50 retired cadres from eighteen watch opening ceremony. The old cadres hot Comrade Hu Jintao’s report, to exchange their ideas, the old party Ma Gan said, eighteen report of real, do everything possible to think for the people, put forward the new target for the lives of ordinary people have more to look forward to, it is blessed to live in this era. As an old Party member, must be consistent with the Party Central Committee, firmly support the party’s policies and efforts to contribute to the development of the national waste heat.

put into use in July this year on new rural school children’s palace is the first village school in our province children’s palace, where rural students can carry out rich and colorful entertainment, skills training, classic reading and other activities, further narrowing the gap between urban and rural education. On the morning of 8, the school organization on the Xinzhuang center more than 200 teachers and students here to watch the grand opening ceremony of the eighteen president, said Zhao Mingxun in recent years, we deeply feel the undertakings including education, the country has undergone tremendous changes, and constantly improve people’s living standards. We believe that under the correct leadership of the party, holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

LAN Long Kou Zhen ban Zhong Ying Cun is one of the 35 villages in the national Ministry of agriculture, the province is also the first building of new rural pilot village, the village in recent years, through the development of vegetable industry, the per capita net income of more than 5 years ago, 2000 yuan, reached 6830 yuan. In the village party room, party secretary Liu Rong and more than 30 members of the masses to watch the opening ceremony of the eighteen. Liu Rong said that the changes in the secondary camp village and the party’s good policy can not be separated, good policy brings good days. After listening to the report of Comrade Hu Jintao, the greater the potential for rural development, rural cadres pointed out the direction of confidence,;

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