Datong plateau beautiful countryside prototype previews

walk on the flat cement road, enjoying the green trees and red flowers, reading the cultural wall, breathing the fresh air…… Recently, the reporter in the town of Datong County, home of the village of Zhang Zhang felt a huge change in the village.

Ma Shengzhao is a treasure house of Rural Zhang Jia village, plateau beautiful countryside is not built, his spare time is watching TV at home every day, or go to the next door strings. Now, he can every day with my friends in the square Laoke, rich amateur life, and a good mood. In the past, there is no leisure places, and now is not the same, in the party and the government’s concern, we built the village office building, the square is also repaired, very happy."

According to Li Qiquan Township Mayor

treasure, treasure this year Xiang thoroughly implement the municipal Party committee and county Party spirit, actively promote the beautiful countryside construction plateau, raise funds, invested about 4000000 yuan for the construction of village Zhang Village Service Center, cultural square and the old village. Now, the beach has undergone tremendous changes.

treasure Township Zhang Jia Ping Village village building a beautiful countryside is just a microcosm of the beautiful countryside construction. This year, Datong County to plateau beautiful countryside, harmonious and happy homes "as the theme, with the urban and rural environment as the starting point, to promote industrial development as the support, to the prosperity of the harmonious culture for the protection of the plateau, the beautiful countryside construction work into the county Party committee and government livelihood projects, investment of 350 million yuan, and actively carry out the construction of the village infrastructure, village activities, village cultural square in 21 administrative villages in the county, the implementation of village landscaping, lighting, cleaning and other projects, and vigorously carry out environmental remediation activities in the village. At present, the county plateau beautiful countryside construction is more effective, a beautiful countryside is showing up.


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