Strong hardware grasping service tree brand focus on building the north of the community

in the second "basic organization construction" activities in Chengbei District conscientiously implement the "city street community grassroots organizations to observe the scene" spirit, "Ju products" and a series of activities as the carrier, in order to implement the "four one" responsibility as the focus, continue to increase community infrastructure and public welfare infrastructure investment, and actively expand the field of community service, improve service quality, to form a community with a new pattern, a branch of a brand.
tree brand, more and more influence. The community party organization with the "Ju products" activities to create community features as the starting point, to provide services for the residents.
happy community for the area of the masses of the problem of employment, to raise funds more than 40 yuan, carefully build entrepreneurial community, relying on the "laid-off workers to start a street, resettlement of laid-off workers more than 180 people, to build a bridge to get rich as the jurisdiction of the masses; Xinle community party branch to protect and improve people’s livelihood as an important work of the community to grasp, through repair and supplement residential square fitness equipment, to solve the South Railway Culvert family area without lighting facilities, rain water affect the residents travel difficult problem, and to help 25 orphans and disabled children in foster care for family warm real love action, so that" community care services, give full play to the advantages of Beichuan East Road to the construction of community; community, community service, community stability as the goal, and vigorously promote the harmonious community to create work, through the integration of All kinds of talent resources of the area, to carry out a variety of small games activities and various forms of community culture, enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life, and vigorously carry out to create a "civilized hospital building", "five good civilized family", "harmonious family" and other activities, to enhance the moral quality of the residents, formed a strong cultural atmosphere, the environment clean the lives of the residents "community stability, harmonious atmosphere. With "activities to create a home for a product" feature of community development, community organization of the party in the north;

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