Poverty alleviation and development of the provincial people’s Congress special research team to lis

10 19, the provincial people’s Congress of poverty alleviation and development thematic research group listened to the provincial government and relevant departments to report on poverty alleviation and development work. Deputy Secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director, thematic research group leader Deng Bentai attended the meeting and made a concluding speech.

Deng stressed that in the work of poverty alleviation and development, to achieve accurate identification, precise implementation strategy, accurate poverty. According to the "poverty population over a broad area, deep poverty, poverty causes complex" and other characteristics of the need for further precise identification and take targeted measures to assist, Duocuobingju, integrated force. In the poverty industry choice should be on the basis of the regional natural resources to cultivate competitive industries, key in the first industry, to carry out the appropriate scale of operation, relying on the industry development of the two or three industry, realize the integration development of the 123 industry. To cultivate pillar industries to train personnel to solve the short board, research and development of beef and mutton and key agricultural price subsidy mechanism, the establishment of long-term stable and sustainable income approach. In addition to the establishment of long-term security mechanism from education, health care, pension, social assistance and other aspects of education as an effective means to prevent the spread of intergenerational poverty, focusing on occupation skill education, broaden the channels of employment, reduce poverty population poverty rate.

Deng Bentai requirements, poverty alleviation and development of thematic inquiry, the specific circumstances of the various departments should be announced to the public. Request units must attach great importance to carefully prepare each request to advance familiar with and master the relevant aspects of the situation, do answer, seeking truth from facts.


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