Accurate identification of the poor 520 thousand

January 12th, reporters from the Provincial Bureau of poverty alleviation and development, poverty alleviation is the precondition of precision precise identification, at present, our province accurately identify the poverty population is determined as 520 thousand, in our province last year, the first in China to achieve the two line standard of poverty and the minimum living standard of one "". Next, the province will build a big data platform for poverty alleviation, the establishment of multi sectoral networking verification mechanism for the identification of the object of poverty of the network real name publicity, the implementation of a dynamic management.

who is really poor? How can we combine reality to help the most prominent areas of poverty out of poverty? Our province is committed to poverty alleviation of water pouring in real poverty, the first to achieve a precise identification. On the one hand, the province will be the county as a unit, the identification of the object of poverty to the network real name publicity, where the masses report, we must carefully verify. On the other hand, the provincial poverty alleviation organization for a new round of poverty alleviation object random checks. The next year will be a precise identification, and the implementation of the third party assessment, the poor population (subsistence population) to implement a dynamic management.

at the same time, our province to take conventional measures, the power of the province to accelerate the development of poverty alleviation. Last year, the province completed the task of 200 thousand people out of poverty, the full implementation of all types of poverty alleviation funds of $5 billion 467 million, an increase of 70.58% over the previous year, is the largest investment in the past year. The central government special poverty relief funds 1 billion 779 million yuan, an increase of 20.36%; provincial financial poverty relief funds of $853 million, an increase of 29.8%; the implementation of financial poverty relief funds of $2 billion 400 million, an increase of 179%. Preferential policies to increase the intensity of the country. The state will be in our province as the country’s 6 tourism poverty alleviation pilot provinces, 6 photovoltaic poverty alleviation pilot provinces, the national electricity supplier hundred demonstration pilot provinces poverty alleviation action. Poverty alleviation and development of the province’s legal system to achieve a new breakthrough, "Qinghai province rural pastoral poverty alleviation and development regulations," the official implementation, marking the province’s poverty alleviation and development work on the legal track. Our province special poverty alleviation effect, accelerate poverty alleviation industry last year, investment of 1 billion 190 million yuan for poverty alleviation, through the implementation of various forms of industrial poverty alleviation projects, directly driven by 99 thousand, 347 thousand people to achieve income; to resettle innovation implementation, in accordance with the nearest local modification, self relocation, monetary settlement, investment of 570 million yuan in the province, 38 counties (city, district) the implementation of poverty alleviation projects 110, relocation 13 thousand and 900 households, 59 thousand and 500 people; regional special types of poverty alleviation efforts to increase the investment of 533 million yuan of funds, leveraging the capital of about 3000000000 Yuan, in Qinghai, Guoluo Prefecture of Sichuan and Gansu and the most prominent poverty in the border region, Haibei the farming pastoral areas, Tongde County, Xinghai County South three rural areas, the implementation of poverty alleviation projects in poor areas of special type.


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