Apply for public rental do not have to run more than a trip

"Only seven days, I applied to the dream of public rental." Wang has been laid off workers master, as the first implementation of public rental housing in the urban areas of the joint trial batch of beneficiaries, for now apply for public rental application speed deep feelings. With the city, a large number of low-income housing construction, entered the final distribution will usher in the peak period, the city took the lead in the area of public rental housing built by the joint trial of the batch system will be gradually extended, and boost the city for public rental housing mainly low-income housing allocation approval. In December 26th, the reporter staff to participate in the area in the city of low-income housing online joint trial of the group to observe the scene learned that the low-income housing management department in the county of our city in the past, people apply for the low-income housing, is only for examination and approval links to a month’s time, not only the audit for a long time, many people run road. This time, the city built by the 41 communities to join the online joint audit service platform, approval time shortened to seven days to complete. Later, the public information submitted in the community after the window, converted into electronic information submitted to the housing sector and the civil affairs department for examination, do not need to go through the process of data transfer, people do not need to run trips trips between the various departments. Reporter Jia Xiaozhuang in low-income housing area renovation project is located in Nanchuan Road Department learned that the project construction scale of 74 thousand square meters, the construction of 604 housing units, the current project has been completed based. At the same time, Shen Zhai area, the four phase of the project, such as the protection of the match room renovation projects are also in full swing into the construction phase. According to reports, many low-income housing distribution within the scope of the project involves the public rental housing, low rent housing will be low-income housing is the key, the implementation of the present, some applicants through the joint trial of the group for the opening of the new platform to the public rental housing. Such as online joint trial of the group and other advanced processing methods and other help low-income housing open, fair, rational distribution way, I will be at all levels of city low-income housing management departments will start to take the research.  

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