What can we do for 10 thousand yuan venture snack business Business

food and beverage business, investment does not need much, but the market is very broad, more importantly, the success rate is high, so it has become a lot of people choose entrepreneurship. However, if you want to succeed in this industry through small businesses, but also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of the business opportunities in the industry. So, what business can do 10 thousand yuan snack business?

Volkswagen entrepreneurship, the slogan of the people have started to go deep into the minds of every entrepreneur. In many businesses can be started, food and snacks business, is the first people. But a lot of people want to do catering business, are aware of the investment funds are not low. So what are the snacks in the small business can do it now? This is a small inventory of what you can do 10 thousand yuan snack items.

Rice Rolls

1 million business can do what snack business? Chang Fen only need a rice rolls and a grinding machine, also can only need a rice rolls, buy rice rolls of raw materials. The equipment and materials at the cost of 2000 yuan, then add rice rolls learning technology, or snack car rental stores, is expected in 5000 yuan, 8000 yuan of investment can be done.

old Changsha sausage

1 million business can do what snack business? Old Changsha big sausage just need a deep fryer can begin to operate, plus store rent or snack car, old Changsha big sausage technical training costs, is expected to 4500 yuan, investment of $5000 can do.

hand grasping cake

1 million business can do what snack business? Hand cake equipment is also very simple, a snack car or a hand grasping cake equipment, plus grasping cake technology training, is expected to be around 4000 yuan, an investment of $5000 can be done.


1 million business can do what snack business? This is all cooked barbecue can be cooked, most are seen in the snack car business outside, this equipment is 2000 yuan, plus barbecue technical training, what the tables and chairs, is expected to invest 8000 yuan, you can do it.

1 million business can do what snack business? Sizzling just need a snack car can be, such snacks in 800-1500 yuan. The training of iron burning technology, desks and chairs what, invest 7000 yuan, you can do it.


1 Yuanjian million

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