What are the wholesale fruit shop operating skills The whole

eat more fruit is good, but now people pay attention to health, and healthy fruit, naturally for what they need. Fruit market demand, profitable, the investment cost is not high, many people are willing to choose the business. But want to do a good job in the fruit shop business, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the product, Bi Rao wholesale skills are needed to master. Now, let’s find out.

1. determine the type of business

street vendors are mainly selling apples, oranges and other common fruit, fresh fruits of this kind of long, not easy to go bad; foodstore will increase the seasonal fruit banana, watermelon, grapefruit and other fruits; store more varieties, large scale in addition to the common fruit, but also sell some imported fruits, scale there will be smaller, mango, melon and other fruits in the higher purchase price; operating trucks, flat car flow on a fruit stand is mainly to do a relatively large volume of fresh fruit, such as pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon, melon, orange etc..

2. time and wholesale locations to choose

how to learn to do fruit business? Fruit wholesale market working hours from 4 o’clock in the morning, before 10 most active.

from the wholesale market is to purchase large quantities of goods merchants. Small customers had better go to the small and medium-sized wholesale market, where some of the goods wholesalers also come from the wholesale market, more than one hand, the price may be expensive. But there is a purchase nearby principle, large wholesale market goods cheaper, plus travel expenses, is not worth.

3. recognize wholesalers:

There are two main categories of

wholesalers of the four species:

(1) local wholesalers, have their own fixed venues, they can be divided into two types: a group of people to the field of goods, their wholesale; another group received from overseas middlemen.

(2) foreign wholesalers, they generally do not have a fixed place, can be divided into two types: a large number of local wholesalers in receiving the fruit directly to the wholesale market wholesale to retailers; large farmers directly to their home of fruit to the market wholesale to retailers.

these four wholesalers, given the price and variety of sales are not the same, you need to learn more about the ability to distinguish between the identification of long-term cooperation wholesalers.

4. find out the true price of wholesale:

a variety of wholesale prices are similar to the oral, but different types of wholesalers price concessions range is different, to find out the true wholesale price.

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