80 girls Zhang Qing with interest in Entrepreneurship

interested can make our life more exciting, also can let us have proficiency in a particular line but with interest in entrepreneurship, investors are not many. In this paper, the protagonist Zhang Qing on his own interest in calligraphy, calligraphy and thus related to the choice of entrepreneurial projects, opened their own entrepreneurial path.

"a horizontal vertical, correct writing. A flick, adult education." This is the "azimuth grid" hard pen calligraphy training school sixteen word motto. As a professional hard pen calligraphy training institutions, not only nurtured thousands of outstanding students, but also the founder of the school, Zhang Qing, but also a dazzling star in the calligraphy world. Recently, Zhang Qing tells her about the "identity grid" bond.

childhood love calligraphy

"is on the calligraphy practice days and months multiplying is not easy to learn." Zhang Qing expressed his views on calligraphy. Her love of calligraphy is influenced by her father. "When I was a child, I often saw my father and uncle writing brush words together." Zhang Qing said, from then on, the elegant calligraphy in her young heart carved in the imprint.

so, only with a love of calligraphy, Zhang Qing followed his father to learn to write later, uncles, academic pressure is more and more big, leisure time is less and less, and had been forced to give up practicing calligraphy, to study the heavy. And most of the girls after 80, after graduating from college, Zhang Qing casually into a company as a salesman. Due to the short working hours, spare time is longer, Zhang Qing forced to give up the idea of calligraphy, the heart suddenly became hot.

"this time to pick up calligraphy, and a child is not the same. When I was a child, I thought it was fun to read the words written by my father, and I could not write calligraphy. I did not learn calligraphy. In the information developed now, I can be more comprehensive understanding of calligraphy, and systematic study of professional knowledge of calligraphy." Although after a lapse of years, but still make contact with Zhang Qing feel intimate calligraphy.

use hobbies to venture

Zhang Qing in the creation of "azimuth grid" before, have done a lot of work. But she felt that each job is not the life she wants, the choice of these jobs is not because of the convenience of working close to home, or work time is short, have more spare time to practice calligraphy. Not only Zhang Qing so, many girls of the same age are in such a state. But with the same age girl is different, Zhang Qing heart eager to break through and change.

from the beginning of 2013 to learn hard pen calligraphy, training courses opened in April last year, I never thought I would be able to turn my interest into entrepreneurial projects." Zhang Qing said that as a result of the child’s basic skills are still in, she entered a calligraphy study recommended

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