The relevant departments of Huangshan City achieved fruitful record in counterfeiting activities in

we all know, is a fake, that is a serious threat to the interests of consumers, in order to people’s health, we want to eliminate fake, so Huangshan City recently held a crackdown activities, won the people’s recognition of the relevant departments, make people feel always standing on the perspective of the people, to ensure their interests and right of life and health.

it is understood that the special action to check all types of business entities 6183, check the wholesale market 109 (Times), check the market 243 (Times), check the warehouse operator 683 (Times), key areas of regulation 157; 71 were registered, 27 of the cases, the value of 567 thousand and 100 yuan, the amount confiscated 372 thousand and 300 yuan; sampling of goods 43 kinds, 312 batches and 316 groups; to carry out government jointly crack 15 times, through the government and enterprises jointly seized counterfeit and infringement cases 14, worth 357 thousand yuan, the collection of fines of 224 thousand and 400 yuan.

seized counterfeit goods are counterfeit infringement of washing machine, water heater, heater, Soybean Milk machine, induction cooker, gas cooker and other 36 units; 972 beautiful LED flat lamp, 86 bicycles, Red Bull beverage 1903; liquor brand 206 bottles, 7 bottles of Hennessy "amp" six class module; 1510, line 55 boxes, 12 barrels of oil a unified brand; Adidas, Nike brand 34 pairs of sports shoes, Montagut brand clothing 18; CHCEDO, blue moon brand cosmetics 22, sanitary napkins 183 bags; wow haha series drinks 14667 bottles, 120 Bags of selenium enriched grains, Yellow Wine 21 bottles, other types of goods of sweet potato 15.1 kg; Wang Fen, like Wright brand 15 bags of fertilizer, Sheng Hong licensing Shenghong flute, third-party licensing special equipment earth red fireworks 32.

in this action, Huangshan City has achieved great success, the direct exposure of well-known brands of products, won recognition. Not only to protect the interests of consumers, but also to restore the honor of the loss of well-known enterprises, so that more people are protected, it is worthy of recognition, it is worthy of attention.

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