Barcode scanner ten brands list the whole

bar code is actually equivalent to a commodity identity card, how much money, how to sell, these can only be known to sweep away. Because of this, will make the current barcode scanner market is extremely broad, there are more and more consumer brands. So, the bar code scanner which brand is good? Now, let’s get to know the ten major brands of bar code scanners, so you can choose to be more suitable for large consumer brands.

barcode scanner ten brands list NO.1, Symbol Symbol: founded in 1975 in the US, the originator of the world industry barcode scanner, barcode scanner ten brands, Motorola systems (Chinese) investment company limited.

barcode scanner ten brands list NO.2, Honeywell in 1885: the United States, the world brand, diversified technology and manufacturing of large multinational group, the world’s top 500 enterprises, Honeywell (Chinese) Co. ltd..

barcode scanner ten brands list NO.3, Datalogic: the leading global / Europe’s largest bar code scanner / /RFID data acquisition equipment manufacturers, one of Italy’s largest manufacturer of photoelectric sensor.


barcode scanner ten brand list: NO.4, on 1928, the global communications industry innovation leader, one of the world’s first handheld laser scanner manufacturer, Motorola systems (China) investment company limited.

barcode scanner ten brands list NO.5, Cipher CipherLAB in 1988: Taiwan, AIDC global solutions leader, one of the most competitive small and medium enterprises in Taiwan, sifly Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

barcode scanner ten brands list NO.6, like Argox: Asia’s entire supply of barcode products and related equipment manufacturers, automatic identification industry leading brands and well-known solutions provider, Shanghai as the Pc Limited.

bar code scanner ten brands list NO.7, Zebex giant Pu: in 1987, Taiwan, bar code scanning of the top ten brands, professional bar code scanning equipment and solutions provider, giant General Optoelectronics (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

barcode scanner ten brands list, NO.8 new continent: specializing in data acquisition equipment and technology research, product development and product manufacturing enterprises, Fujian, a new automatic identification technology Co Ltd.

barcode scanner ten brands list NO.9, MINDEO >: National mores

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