A park in Kunshan Strait College

further promote the university students to achieve successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities now around the government departments are trying to strengthen at the same time, some college students are inter regional exchanges are actually very significant.

"July 13th opening ceremony marks our youth park officially entered the track, has attracted many young entrepreneurs settled in Kunshan, hope that today can leave a deep impression for everyone," the director of the Kunshan high tech Zone of Taiwan Investment Service Office He Rong Rong in Kunshan college students on both sides of the cross-strait youth entrepreneurship Park said. Kunshan has nearly 4800 Taiwan funded enterprises, business conditions and living environment are very suitable to the development of Taiwan youth. "A garden first equipped with 10 instructors, 3 of them from Taiwan," He Rongrong said, these teachers will be settled in a park of young people to provide information, training and a series of "one-stop" service. On the other hand, all projects in a park, from the industrial and commercial registration, follow up, will also get a one-stop help. I sincerely hope that we can go to the youth entrepreneurship Park on both sides of the road, hoping to achieve your entrepreneurial dream here."

Kunshan cross-strait youth entrepreneurship Park is located in Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Park core area, hatch area of more than 2 thousand and 800 square meters. As a park to deepen cross-strait industry, science and technology, new talent exchange platform, is committed to providing low cost, convenience, all elements, open cross-strait youth, for all the public record space, to promote innovation, talent resource gathering project incubator, product exhibition and the cultivation of innovative culture, and strive to build an important carrier service in Kunshan the transformation and upgrading, enhance regional innovation capability.

now, green park is to accelerate the establishment of cooperation and professional services, docking Taiwan QingChuang, Tsinghua University will hit off center and Shanghai factory of Tongji University laboratory management team, the introduction of science and technology, agriculture and other day to venture project, the selection of cross-strait outstanding entrepreneurial mentor, through regular training, focused counseling, on-the-spot investigation, on-site guidance, tracking service, long-term guidance ", with the whole process of business supporting services, the implementation of innovative policies to support entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, the whole society to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

graceful melodious Kunshan, quiet and beautiful river village, Jian

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