A cosmetics franchise businesses how to do the whole Location

entrepreneurship selection is very important to the project, but the choice of a good business to join the project, the shop is also very important for the choice of location. Then, the operation of a cosmetics store business how to choose it?

first, the price is basically acceptable to the people of the category

high price, although dealers increased profit margins, but the market can not attract more slow buying groups, the market is not easy to expand, on the contrary, the price is low, the product promotion, terminal operation, distribution service cost is too high will dilute the profit for this price is the important factors to consider. As for the value of some products is not large, but the price is too high, it shows the mentality of the quick success of the manufacturers, the results of the market to be retribution. Encounter this kind of situation, hurriedly escape far. For the current economic situation, unless there is some big European and American products go high-end line, for a wider audience of ordinary consumers, high-grade, mid-range of cosmetics is quite in the market space, as long as that can function, brand can be trusted, most people do not use as the price is too high and hesitate, dealers will not while the backlog of many products, sales recovery of funds as soon as possible is very important for dealers.

two, see policy

general formal company policy is perfect, the policy including price, delivery discount, the first batch of goods, OTC trial installation, returned goods, gifts, rebates. The price of the product, according to the survey, the domestic cosmetics makeup that consumers can accept the average price in 50 yuan, this is an average value, will vary according to regional economic and consumer groups, but it tells us the selection of cosmetics brands do not with this standard is too large, it means we got rid of the vast majority of customers, in the supply of discount on average is around half off.

three, carey select unfamiliar products

audience of small products, although may product technology content is very high, but ten dealers may also not have a personal need in the sales, such sales will be very slow, careful selection of dealers. In addition, as it is now on the market such as estrogen, a nest, genetically modified products, which belongs to the biological technology development direction in the future, the industry has a great prospect, the higher profit margins, but the corresponding promotion requirements are high, the market is still in the further cultivation period, such as the strength of dealers has just started, or carey wonderful. So as not to let the funds in a product on the pressure and delayed their funds running.

we all know that the cosmetics market has always been a very hot market. Small entrepreneurial choice to join cosmetics, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Are you ready to start a successful business? < >

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