Beijing school district housing lower net

people for the school district room heat has been reduced, to bring people’s lives more educational resources, it is worthy of recognition. Beijing City, Xicheng District, Haidian District, Fangshan District and other real estate and real estate intermediary, the advice to the buyers or sellers number is 3· 17 new "before and after the introduction of significantly reduced, many intermediary stores rare visitors, while the school district housing intermediary to remain silent. Insiders said that the trend of rapid rise in prices of hot cities has been initially curbed, the future still need to force from both ends of the supply and demand, continue to speculation, speculation and other acts of heavy blows.

although many projects in the new premises "3· 17 were sold before the introduction of the new deal ‘, but some buyers have been in the field of housing mortgage loans, so this time in Beijing to buy the first suite has also been identified as two suites, so some people due to lack of choice to check out the first payment." Fangshan District, a real estate agency staff said that due to the purchase of the property market turnover fell recently, we are waiting.

Haidian District, a real estate agent said that after the introduction of the new deal, the property market is in a calm period. Owners gradually tend to be reasonable, not as high as before, how many have some fall. Now the room less, fewer customers, buyers bargaining space is also increasing.

from the data point of view, after a series of regulation and control of the combination punches hit, Beijing property market turnover began to fall. China Index Research Institute data show that after the elimination of affordable housing, Beijing commodity residential transaction area fell 23.64% last week.

astronomical school district room is one of the focus of the current round of real estate regulation in Beijing. The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, net letter office 11, jointly interviewed the chain of home , I love my home , real world 15 released housing information website, asked not to use "commercial dual-use", "school district room" propaganda words.

want children to provide a good learning environment, can bring more convenience to people, to win recognition. Beijing, 3·, 17 new deal since the introduction of the purchase of the demand side, limiting the supply of loans and supply side to increase the dual role of land supply, the property market heat significantly decreased.

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