A state of ceremonies investment choice

Chinese also attaches great importance to pay attention to interpersonal reciprocity, so the holidays gifts is an unavoidable custom, as a long history of civilization and people from each other gifts, a state of ceremonies, customs get what kind of inspiration?

2013 what can earn money, a friend said: "you ah, is that your products are suspended in midair, art, seems to say that you are almost level, practical, and extravagant. The English proverb says, the ship of high price, the time that stops at the port is long."

Juan to store "downgrade see light suddenly," immediately, instead of in service. She is not like the past guests waiting for the door, but carry bag, take samples, specially run those small and medium-sized hotel restaurant.

specifically for them to design and production of special dishes, pots, bowls, spoons…… There is a shop name, logo, and even shop facade graphics, utensils shape is rectangular, oval, triangular, gourd shaped…… All sorts of strange things, absolute personality, characteristics.

The use of


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