Entrepreneurial guidance to share the process of acting

investment shop, do a lot easier than their own agents to open a shop. If you want to start a business, it is best to find a brand agent. So, what are the processes of the agency? Do agents need to pay attention to what matters? Let’s take a look.

Second, you see the regional competitiveness within the industry, for example, you are a clothing agent, you must first understand the profitability of other agents acting within your regional industry sales model, model, and competitive space, the enemy, know yourself!

Third, choose the facade, I think the importance of needless to say, the front position to see your agent what.

Fourth, the publicity, publicity investment is necessary, with the least money to most people know about your agent that can earn more money for the day after making the necessary foundation.

fifth, note the late customer feedback, trying to win back.


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