Sharing the location method of women’s clothing store

Changes in the

era, the improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, women’s consumer market can be described as endless wealth. For open shop investors, how to successfully operate a women’s clothing store, which is very important to master the skills, which of course includes location, let’s take a look at the clothing store location what precautions?

Importance of

women’s store location

"good location, high traffic" is an indisputable fact. It’s a recognized secret in the clothing market. Large passenger flow can make women’s sales faster, because everyone has a curiosity, strong flow of people easily get together, so people always want to squeeze into a look. So in the clothing industry, the women’s clothing store location is very important.

related data pointed out: women are more dependent on the location of the store than men. Shopping malls have done an investigation and found that men do not care about the location of the mall is not in the middle, on the contrary, women’s position is more concerned about the. Women’s sales and location are closely linked.

female friends consumption psychology is how

a lot of female friends like to go shopping slowly, the location is obvious, it is obvious that the chance to be a lot of shopping. Women’s psychological research scholars said: because women shopping survey related research is said to be around the whole mall to turn around, rather than directly into the center of the mall. Female friends to buy clothes, are like a circle around the mall. Not to buy goods, the majority of female friends in the shopping is holding a look at what they want to buy the idea to go shopping. Then is the comparison and selection of the brand, the purchase of clothing is very random action, female friends are emotional, feel good to buy. At this point than male friends, male friends will go out before they want to buy what they want, look for the brand, and then went straight to the counter.

female friends to feel why so much attention

first is because women are emotional reasons, then is the location of the shop can give a person a kind of shopping environment on the space of "feeling", the shop’s display is one of the important reasons, the majority of female friends will feel "good brand, occupy a good position and many brands together naturally don’t feel good. Women than men in the store seems to emphasize the store design and display style, male friend shopping just to buy with their occupation and life related, for the shop did not feel too much, just pay attention to the clothing brand is not suitable for their own.

female store location method:

how to get into the store traffic location advantages, and the larger >

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