Students start within a year to do 10 thousand single from the single 130

student entrepreneurs more and more, in order not to affect the study, many entrepreneurs have started to go up from the electricity supplier in the school, encouragement and support, 20 year old Lin Hongyuan has successfully built a Taobao shop, this year’s double 11, his shop harvest more than 10 thousand orders.

"our team into the November, a single volume in 900 single day, this year the" double 11 "single day sales of very good, 1 pm breakthrough 3000 single, 7200 single breakthrough at 3:30 in the afternoon, the list continues to grow, over a million single visual list today is on board a nail. The." Yesterday afternoon, speaking of double 11 record, 20 year old Lin Hongyuan can not control the excitement.

"last year" double 11 ", our team has 130 single, 600 yuan of profits, then feel very cattle. I never dreamed that this year ‘double 11’ a day out of 10 thousand single, conservative estimate of at least $25 thousand profit." Lin Hongyuan from Taizhou, currently in the Yiwu Institute of business and entrepreneurship college sophomore, is a pioneering college 14e create electricity supplier class 4 entrepreneurial pioneer".

"first saw Lin Hongyuan, I think he is very small, like a junior high school student, I was also worried that he will not adapt to college life, did not expect him to start so badly, can break the 10 thousand single day." Li Chunli is the teacher in charge of Lin Hongyuan, she said that the big man of the big, learning very hard, entrepreneurship is also very particular about strategy. He grew fast, a year to become a class electricity supplier entrepreneurial pioneer character, he currently has a fixed team of five people, has successfully created a three crown shop."

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