Students meet the needs of the market to open clothing stores earning ten thousand

college students now has become a trend of today’s young people, especially in today’s increasingly difficult employment, many college students are involved in the wave of entrepreneurship. After the end of the college entrance examination, with a strong interest in clothing to join, Fan Jie opened their own online fashion women’s clothing store. For the first time, her business was a little bumpy. I choose the clothes more in line with the tastes of the majority of customers, so the store just opened when the clothing business is pretty good, but later also encountered some twists and turns." Fan Jie told reporters: open shop fight is the quality and price of goods, because of their lack of "source" advantages in price, in addition to staying open time is short, Renqibuwang, so after the intermittent operation for two years, the shop business is still not much improvement. So, she began to turn to a more aggressive investment – Open shop.

"loan" to the family business

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