Women’s shop decoration need to pay attention to what details

if you have the idea of women’s clothing store, you first need to find a good project, followed by a reasonable decoration for your women’s shop. In the women’s shop decoration, to consider the choice of which style, modern style, classical style, Chinese style, European style, etc.. So the clothing store in the decoration of the time to pay attention to what? How to put on a unique style? Today Xiaobian for everyone weapon.

first decoration style. Women’s clothing store decoration in the form of beauty shop decoration, the choice of which style, often people are more concerned about the problem. Modern style, classical style, Chinese style, European style, postmodernism and Barok. The choice of the style of decoration to be consistent with the style of women’s clothing, which is an important principle to determine the shop decoration style.

Details of

1, a taste of the treatment

if long-term taste, is looking for decoration designers to ask the situation, also some corner and details of the process, such as surface paint or glue to be good. After the renovation, as far as possible to get a little better. Otherwise, if the ground is not ready or a wall is not processed, especially the prominent position, and undermine the overall effect, it is not ideal! After all, each store is different, and each region is different, too specific things can not talk to you.

2, head of the font and whether the combination of

and window size

appearance appearance basically determine positioning style of dress, and the font selection basically determines the women’s grades, to use simplified Chinese character font, a lot of people do not know, let alone consumers remember your shop. Complex font design is also not necessary, the purpose of the female store is to let others remember that clear is the most basic requirements. In addition, head word color and appearance of color appearance must be collocation recommended

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