Taobao shop experience which is worth learning from

now open shop more and more people, once more than the same kind of goods up, businesses can not be so easy to start. What entrepreneurial success experience is worth people’s reference? The following experience is very valuable, I hope you good reference.

(two) [brand] that I have always stressed the view that market sellers do not start crazy own brand, began to build brand!   brand in a day, you can not get to that day. The brand is a comprehensive result of favorable factors, at this stage, you need to emphasize the quality of quality! Through the quality of goods to spread your shop, the accumulation of your customers! Then let your loyal customers, repeat customers pay for your brand. That’s the logic.

(three) [standards] 1 good figure, is not what is your main map, the key is the main rival map is what.   2, the main map can not highlight their own peers in the baby. A good map of the main criteria: stand head and shoulders above others.

(four) [] just start reflection read white crow’s three venture on a paper. 1, entrepreneurs who genes are written by others, a failure or to rise again and again. 2 a hero to help three, most of the business failure is not a bad project, but not in place. 3 companies encounter problems, how to go is right, the fight is dead. 4 it is very difficult to have the story of the success of the first grassroots entrepreneurs.

(five) [ ] Title Optimization of the 9 points; 1 full 30 keywords;   2;   regularly update the key optimization; 3 do not use special symbols;   4;   5; keywords not repeat; Taobao rules, to avoid being punished;   6; avoid keywords pileups;   7; don’t abuse brand words and sensitive words;   Title equivalent to slash 8 spaces, the rational use of space;   9 more effective combination of keywords. By simplifying the title to achieve their baby.

(six) [title] formula title = commodity value keywords + business + keywords commodity commodity attribute keywords. 1 key words: commodity classification, name, type, function, characteristics of keywords. 2 business Keywords: management tools or promotional acts of words, such as packet mail, etc.. 3 key words: the value of the goods to the buyer, the key is to refine the value of the product beyond the product itself.

(seven) [note] gold baby shelves Layout 1 delay principle, namely on prime time choice in baby slightly delayed on time; 2 in the refresh, do not tangle in every minute; "

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