Tiny insects make 26 year old millionaire

small insects also let Zhang Kangliang play out of the pattern, and with these tricks also earn money, creating the industry formed its own brand. Have to say do not look down on any industry.

"culture are insectivorous family, career heights

2002 in June, Zhang Kangliang went to Yunnan to visit Nu River, see the local villagers in Derung with wild pupae as delicacy. It touched the business – Zhang Kangliang can not only watch the insect nerve, can also eat corn, mealworms, ants, locusts, crickets, cicadas, Hu Feng, pupa and so can into the dish. With this new idea, Zhang Kangliang has four times to go to Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou, with a monthly salary of $9000 to hire insects master, to develop local chefs and the development of a series of insect food. November, Zhang Kangliang and 100 thousand yuan as a starting gold, in Nanchang, the bustling section of the road to rent a store of more than and 300 square meters, the official to enter the carnivorous industry.


2002 in December 10th, Zhang Kangliang and the local culinary Association jointly organized the insect food festival, to the patrons of insects are high protein, nutrient rich, low fat and cholesterol content of green food. In order to allow the public to accept the insect food, they improved the processing method of insects, introduced different tastes crispy, spicy food, let passers-by free taste after purchase. Already tired of eating fish and ducks diners began to come to Zhang Kangliang’s carnivorous shop, business is booming up slowly. The store of fried carnivorous crickets, cricket legs, curry fried chicken three dishes especially popular with the customers, and even attracted many foreign guests to patronize.


2004, 25 year old Zhang Kangliang has found a new business opportunity

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