How to operate online pet supplies store

with the increase in the number of pet carriers, pet supplies market is growing, with unlimited business opportunities! So, how to open a pet shop on the Internet? How to operate online pet supplies store? Take a look at the choice of online pet supplies store business, she introduced his experience!

2007, also in Nanjing Institute of industrial technology, film and television animation professional learning, she kept a pet rabbit, often need to buy rabbit food. At first, she only went to the store to buy, but also know that the Internet has to sell, they often search the internet.

in rabbit food varieties, the price gradually to the market, familiar with, she found that he often buy rabbit food store owner, has been using cheap rabbit food Timothy grass, posing as the high price of alfalfa was sold to more than 1 times the price difference. At the same time, she found that most of the online sale of rabbit food cheaper than the store, a lot of good quality and cheap pet supplies shop business is good.

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