[operating dry] hand taught you how to open breakfast shop

recently, Xiao Bian made a survey in the pedestrian street, in the 100 passers-by interviewed, there are 86 people have said that three meals a day breakfast must be outside to buy food. Thus, it is not difficult to see how large the group eating breakfast outside. So, if you can open a nutritious and delicious breakfast shop will not be loved and sought after by everyone.

How a

location, breakfast shop

1, traffic points

It would be better if you

2, community residential

in residential areas, mostly in the same neighborhood, can understand and guests, and guests can also establish a good relationship, therefore, opened the breakfast shop in a residential area, it would be easy to have cooked guests, in this way, fixed source and it is very easy to set up.

3, market geography

4, cultural institutions peripheral

two, open breakfast promotional gimmick to make money

The first one: run

in the breakfast shop opened at the beginning, I did not go to war to decorate the facade, also.

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