How to find a golden treasure

location problem has always been the focus of attention of entrepreneurs, gold shops can determine the success or failure of a project. How to find the entrepreneurial golden treasure, pinpoint the location is the key.

emerging market shops: Green shops, community shops, MTR shops, walk street shops and other kinds of new shops, supporting facilities, mature consumer groups, but the rent is relatively expensive. Catering to join three ways to get professional information many entrepreneurs are in the habit of catering to join chuanjiezouxiang to find shops, time-consuming and low efficiency. Yao Yuntao provides entrepreneurs with the following three access to store information, an effective way:

A, make full use of entrepreneurial guidance services. Shanghai business guidance center, municipalities, District Employment Promotion Center and other departments to provide free entrepreneurial guidance services, including how to choose entrepreneurship.

Real estate agency

three, landing shops Leasing Professional website. Today there are many shops rental sites, information rich, convenient search. In addition, to participate in the real estate fair can also get a lot of store information. Four skills to implement the venture to join the venture entrepreneurs, although recommended

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