Barbecue shop to pay attention to what the main points

many friends like to eat barbecue, barbecue shop cost of investment is not large, so we have played the idea of opening a barbecue shop. How to open a barbecue shop? There are no detailed steps to open barbecue shop? What points should we pay attention to? Let’s take a look at it.

Select the

Select the

first advice: residential areas outside the universities outside the mall area periphery, tourist attractions, such as the suburbs. It is best to barbecue a street, the popularity of natural wang.


on the stove

stove is divided into smoke and smokeless stoves, like South Korea and Brazil barbecue are generally smokeless stove mostly for the city and the downtown area, grades are slightly higher, while Xinjiang’s most familiar, like basic is the smoke stove. What points should we pay attention to? In fact, the stove itself is not smoke. Are the role of the flue.

requirements of charcoal

actually grill is not difficult to grasp the basic steps, step by step, you can smoothly open grill. But in order to make the business of the barbecue shop is booming, or to spend a lot of thought. Most of the time, such a shop is open to the face of the back, taste good, lots are not so important, the popularity of natural.


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