Store sales to be able to meet customer needs

said that, for the sale of products, each owner has his own ideas, however, after all, the object of service is the customer, therefore, to meet the needs of customers is more important. As we all know, do any work should be grounded". Ground gas is an old saying, in other words, the so-called ground gas is to cater to the needs of the masses. For our vendors, "ground gas" is to comply with customer demand, to the overall price of the sale of goods like, in line with customer demand and satisfaction of the goods. So, how can we make our sales "ground gas"?

first, to strengthen consumer demand survey. As the saying goes, there is no right to speak without investigation. This sentence for our retail customers, there is no investigation, do not understand what customers love, the sales of goods may not meet customer needs, will bring further consequences. Therefore, in order to sell well, we must first strengthen consumer demand survey. The consumer is not a general consumer. But our "letter circle" consumer.

for each of our retail customers, there is a relative "sales circle", that is, we usually say the customer base. These customer groups are those who often come to our store to shop. Therefore, in the survey, the main object of our investigation is our customer base. Although the way of investigation is more, but in the investigation, we should as far as possible to choose the customer is willing to accept and convenient form.

, for example, can take the form of chat, that is to say when the customer into the store shopping, we can take in the service process, service side chat form, the survey visit to them, see what their shopping needs and preferences, and then put down some of their needs and preferences. As the purchase reference. Again, for example, the investigation can also take the form of new year’s inquiry, thanks to the opportunity to pay a new year’s call, ask some of the old customers have what shopping needs, and thus find business opportunities.

In addition to

, you can also ask each other in the form of mutual friends in the form of investigation, that is, through a friend to investigate the friends of friends and relatives what shopping needs, thereby expanding the shopping district, improve the scope of the investigation. Third, we must strengthen the targeted purchase. Purchase is also a knowledge, the same kind of goods, different brands may bring different sales profits. Therefore, we should pay attention to the purchase of brand choice.

on the one hand, as far as possible into the purchase of some of the more well-known brands; on the one hand, into the purchase of quality assured merchandise. In this way, in order to allow consumers to buy products that we are satisfied with the satisfaction of the natural will also be able to improve our sales visibility. Thirdly, we should pay attention to the rationality of the selling price. The same commodity, consumers than the price. Who is the price reasonable, who will win the consumers.

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