Open tea shop need to master what skills

open milk tea shop is a very good choice, but the current market, a large number of tea shops, the competition is very fierce, do you still want to be static, open an ordinary tea shop? If businesses want to successfully set up shop, how should we do? Let’s have a look.

To open new tea shop

1, first, to attract eyeballs, send beauty service;

2, effectively avoid competition, increase the high profit and high value-added varieties, the other did not do things, so it can avoid some competition, forming a difference (the other is due to the limited or other reasons);

3, milk tea shop marketing strategy to do a small group is also a kind of marketing, buy group, a multiple copies on the discount, the students have a birthday offer, surprise;

4, so that their friends to help themselves, often send them some small coupons or concessions, a long time will find that they will bring you new customers;

5, a number of aspects to understand, if the combination is not effective in the front, it is necessary to the other side of the price advantage, the introduction of lower priced similar competitive products, but can not reduce the amount of quality drop, you have a good grasp.

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