This love song for entrepreneurs to listen to

music can give us a resonance, for entrepreneurs, they also need to encourage music. So, there will be a love song, singing and entrepreneurship similar topics? Xiaobian "ice rain" this song is a good song, the perfect expression of the affliction, affectionate, emotional appeal of three level explicit, for entrepreneurs did not like this.

if you have to use "ice rain" to interpret a kind of entrepreneurship, seriously look at the lyrics, I think the Internet and sanitary napkins venture nothing. The two main subjects are women, with the feeling of almost want to get rid of sanitary napkins in the field of the Internet is not an easy business. From the beginning of 2014, the Internet up "Internet sanitary napkins" trend,   life and death, ups and downs, a wave of speculation and even to the "lei".

and the "ice rain" in men and women, male CEO into Internet entrepreneurship sanitary standard

so love song "ice rain" wrote what teach entrepreneurship experience of sanitary napkins.

A, "I’m waiting for a girl, still waiting for the woods

back to the product itself, do you want to redefine the sanitary napkin, or just want to redefine yourself? If the early entrepreneurial mind is to change the industry some good rules, or to create value in the field of sanitary napkins oligarch Lin tou dark forest view and subvert it, then your napkin if entrepreneurial mind ran a good product of the. In the whole process of Entrepreneurship (regardless of the enterprise survival time) once forget early heart, change your mind, and so is not that the potential female customers, you must wait for the woods.

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