How to impress casual customers

different customers, shopping attitude will be different. Some customers are very urgent time to buy things are in a hurry, and some customers have a lot of time, buy a lot of things are wandering to buy, which is typical of casual customers. The leisure retail customers we usually contact more, especially in the period of time after dinner, the weather is hot or cold, as they rub cold (warm), while leisure, this kind of customers are not targeted to shopping, holding out the psychological stores to browse. However, it is not without the implementation of the purchase behavior, once there is a favorite, and clever goods, they will be very easy to dig pockets.


class customers have two characteristics: one is that they see retailers to sell a commodity will say, I just don’t want to buy leisure stroll, today is not what; two businesses want to bother them, sometimes businesses actively recommend goods, they will be impatient, or simply leave trouble.

to do this kind of customer business, first of all, we have to know their psychological state. Most of these customers are mostly random commodities. The longer you wait for a particular commodity, the stronger the desire to buy. At this time, businesses should come forward in time to introduce the advantages of the goods.

such as: This product is good, the price is very high, this period of time selling very prosperous. Instead of saying: if you want to buy, how much money on the line. The former boast of goods, customers in the psychological pressure; the latter is to impose pressure on merchants to buy customers, they will feel uncomfortable.

because of this kind of customer for many commodities are dispensable attitude, if want to let them buy, nature also need to pay more efforts. In a word, to let the leisure customer purchase behavior, let the customer in the environment or state of relaxed, imperceptibly and happily pocket; and not let them have the psychological pressure, this pressure will only destroy business.

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