Open high end jewelry store case sharing

jewelry store on the market are mostly low consumption, a few dollars can buy a jewelry. There will be few high-end jewelry brand, but now the times are different, different needs, business ideas should also change. How to open high-end jewelry store? Let’s take a look at the success stories!

from and sell clothing to exclusive jewelry

so, etc. in the square to rent the pavement after two sisters decided to only do business. They investigate several kinds of accessories brand, in recent years popular found a "Korean" brand has such a market characteristics: authentic Korean glass plastic accessories and unique style, good quality and variety, although the overall price is homebred expensive, but the change is faster; as long as the purchase service quickly, can attract in ten years old age to forty year old women.

business after open, Miss Li constantly improved business strategy. The first is to let the younger sister out of the retail floor, specialized in the wholesale market stalls to do business. Miss Lee every week to the mouth of the purchase, save a lot of cost. She also used her sister to understand the advantages of the design of jewelry, single to the factory production, with the market tentacles, the timely launch of best-selling goods style, seize the fashion flow, quickly won the market.

the accessories for more than three years, Miss Li also gradually developed a set of VIP business. She started with a membership card strategy, as long as the one-time shopping can be a member of 160 yuan. However, due to the little money students, a consumer can not afford so much, this trick does not work.

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