China’s fresh O2O market downturn to see the success and failure of foreign fresh giant

market economy is not good, the development of domestic fresh O2O industry is very slow, a lot of fresh O2O companies are facing the collapse of the crisis, then the fresh foreign O2O market situation? Xiaobian for you to broadcast.

to Japan this country, I want to borrow a word of the ancients, "barbarians technology to self-improvement".

she found Agricultural Association at the beginning, but the agricultural association to see by insect hole, then know that since no herbicides, all with artificial, is more expensive than ordinary vegetables, so that no interest.

1975 in August, nearly 300 farmers and consumers participated in the "elimination of pesticide pollution, stable organic agricultural products" as the goal and set up the "NGO Guardian earth Association," the establishment of the general assembly. Fujita and 3 friends as purchasing, delivery and financial management.

user educationIs a chore

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