Melon used car Yang Haoyong second hand car market heavyweights have not yet entered

for me, the most change should be in 2015. That year there has been a lot of things, from the beginning with Ganji and 58 city to the integration, then announced the end to do seeds CEO. By comparison, 2016 has been more pure, I returned to a more familiar rhythm. I may still be more adapted to the state of high-speed running, to solve the problem, to face the unknown future.

I accept to come to the melon seeds as CEO, is also a natural occurrence. In the second half of 2015, I helped the team to do the spin off, in September the capital of winter came. I want to find another VP to pick up the seeds of this plate at the time, but when I go to help the seeds of financing, investors said that seed volume, then the valuation of hundreds of millions of dollars, if not we can not vote in the founder. Then think about it, I did not have this possibility to do melon seeds CEO. If I do this, I will need to control, equity and other conditions, for which Yao Jinbo was pleased to agree.

entrepreneurs tend to be like this, to do this thing, never thought this thing can not be done. If this can not be done, the project will not be the original project, but at this stage, you do any one project, it can not guarantee that it is 100%, so I do not want to do.

I have always thought that the most exciting should be in the future. The first 10 years are the foundation, every few years you will have some changes, there will be more interesting things out.


first start the market, I more is being dragged into the battlefield, often in hindsight will realize that in fact, competition is very intense, so should do that might be better. I was not ready, was pulled on the battlefield or pull the boxing gloves, just started, time off, suddenly someone blew a whistle up. You want to ask me the biggest difference, this time we will think more, think the future will be more.

is from 0 to 1 seed company, although the valuation is high, but it is the stage of the year with the market is not the same. Go to the market to $1 billion valuation, has been done for 8 years, the business model has been very clear, just sitting in a new outlet of rapid growth. The melon seeds over the past year, or to prove that our model is feasible.

at the beginning of 2016, with financing (March, when Sequoia seeds get the lead investor Sequoia A round of $204 million 500 thousand), more seeds gave them painted an idea, that the future of the second-hand car should be in direct selling mode of C2C development, but this business model can go through, we need to prove. The Sequoia also agree with this direction, the second-hand car is a very big industry, there may be the birth of a ten billion dollars of the company, they think the melon team is not bad, so cast.

, in fact, we broke the record of the largest investment in the largest single latitude and longitude record (in September, announced the final melon seeds get 2.>)

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