New site selection skills

1. The choice of domain name registrar.

domestic, I preferred the ename, the proposed opening of the gold medal after the purchase, the price will be much cheaper, com, net suffix, now the price is 55 yuan / year.

I chose the Godaddy

foreign Gd, known as the world’s largest domain name registrar must have his advantage, and every month will release a super discount code, we can use 1 knife -2 knife com, net and org registered domain name suffixes, specific codes to use Baidu Search. I began to use GD because the domain name registration can be free to open a free 10g space, monthly 300g traffic, the picture is not many station daily flow of ten thousand can be run down, although there are advertisements but can use the code to masked advertising, I used to open the free space in a straight (this station with www.zhao120.com more than a year of free space space look, look at the source code of the following is not a Gd ad code), the only regret is now sending free space has been cut off.

two. Domain name suffix selection.

about the domain name suffixes, ordinary Internet users will generally only know com, if you go to the street to ask one: what is a site behind www.xxx., should the vast majority will only know com, so we are the preferred com suffix, but now the com suffix has never a good domain name. In addition to the COM domain name, I will choose net, net domain name, although the value is not as high as the value of com (for example: the same 4 number domain name, www.1507.net price in a few hundred dollars or so, and if the suffix is com, the value will be thousands of dollars). Cn domain name, but I do not recommend the registration of CN domain name, there are two reasons: 1, registration needs to be reviewed, the registration must be for the company, the audit generally faster, then 3 days or so; 2, there is no record, can not be resolved. Other new domain name suffix, rich webmaster can also invest, because open registration is short time, good domain name is still a lot, but investment is bigger.

three. Domain name selection


domain name and 4 commonly used pure Larry’s number has been registered, so we can only take the second. Now let me introduce some of the techniques of domain name selection.

1 Pinyin (place name, keyword, trade name)…… ) + numbers (123001365…… ) for example: www.jixie001.com, www.admin5.com, www.lianmeng5.com, www.im286.com, tui18.com

2 numbers (51,52,92…… + Pinyin, for example: 51fanli.com, this is a cattle station, www.51tuku.cn

3, three spell >

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