nternet home improvement in the end also loaded how long

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with all the "Internet plus" era of the development of the Internet, the home also experienced a from infancy to prosperity, from prosperity to return to a rational process. Unlike other industries, the Internet home improvement company is not able to small and beautiful direction, on the contrary, involving many industries and areas of the Internet home improvement company is more heavy.


as a related to many areas of the industry, the Internet has never been the capital of the home industry and industry attention. These concerns in addition to the home improvement industry itself is full of expectations, but more of their huge market potential for the industry’s expectations.

involves a number of industries, involving thousands of families, combined with a variety of technologies, gathering a variety of talent…… Internet home improvement industry, with the traditional home improvement industry, the same as a hair pulling the whole body, an industry. As a kind of derivative in the present industry and Internet technology, the Internet industry is also not completely out of home decoration industry "label", has a strong label some Jiezhuang industry is still in the Internet Jiezhuang industry who has a very distinctive appearance.

heavy construction, strong experience, speaking with quality…… These labels are doomed to make the Internet home improvement is not trivial, it will not be the Internet and home improvement two simple addition and stacking industry. It should have more connotation and attribute, and it can give people as much experience as possible.

however, the direction of development of Internet home did not toward the development of the established direction, more is "a superficial reform" and "mark time". Many traditional home improvement company in order to be able to cope with the risk of Internet users to face the end of the transfer, it seems that the name of the Internet in the name of the home improvement, the traditional home improvement business. This is both for the Internet itself, or for the user itself has a very serious injury.

, like all traditional industries, if their own experience and the entire model does not change too much, it does not mean that the industry has undergone a fundamental change and contact with the traditional industry. The same is true of the Internet home improvement. Although some home improvement companies claim to be the Internet home improvement company, but they are still doing the traditional home improvement thing. Users struggle in the traditional home of the mud, and the attendant Internet Jiezhuang companies gave them a head-on blow.

"loading" experience. As a new thing born in the Internet, a major feature of the Internet home improvement is the experience with the traditional home improvement has undergone earth shaking changes. Many well versed in this Internet Jiezhuang companies also in order to enhance the user experience as the starting point in the whole process of home experience. As the key to enhance the experience of a ring, will be transferred to the web site supervision Jiezhuang companies to become a killer ".

, however, these so-called Internet home improvement companies just ignore the very important

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