Webmaster remember to keep your health and your web alive

of the university are not able to leave the network, leave the site, make the first page to access the site has exceeded 10 thousand of the word from the start, from an idle ignorant youth, to mature webmaster, a time to brush past, and review these years, as if four years of college life the results are not particularly good, very few scholarship, memorable is the webmaster career groundless talk, perhaps some things really lost….

last Saturday, several friends called me suddenly to say that it was important to have a football match. Someone paid two thousand dollars for us to play with a company football team. I heard that the company is very NX, always bullying a company, and threatened sports also want to kill the company, so it has this special football game. We seem to have taken on the gunners. I want to make money, and I’m good. Just go. I started playing football at two years old, and now I’m a senior. It seems that I haven’t touched her for a long time. Every day in my mind, I’m thinking about how to make a website. Hey……

love to play football, because I love flying pleasure, listen to the ear whistling sound, feel and air and wind together, the feeling is so wonderful, just like the site of IP exceeded 10 thousand, feel station webmaster, very N, very XX.

to the party, suddenly feeling at the end of March the weather is a bit cold, wear the Arsenal Jersey No. 14, seemed to feel like Arsenal gunners like life and activities, good performance to today. Start the game, at the beginning, we played are still relatively conservative, the strength of the opposition was not bad, just less than ten minutes, the other side of the counter is our back off, only I and their two defender midfielder, Defender Bigfoot ball is open to the backcourt, this is my most love play, long playing behind the ball, with the speed of play to score a goal, it looks like and can score, so I quickly start, but never beat the defender, they see that a little drum belly, I can’t believe my speed can’t open them? But the fact is that I did not get rid of them with the speed of a myth!… All 12 colleges and universities, football team, the speed and I can spell only three sports institute, and now, what kind of big belly I have.. By

although finally scored two, and 3:2 won the ball, but I’m not happy about it. I was thinking, why is that so,

?This is because the

website, for two years, all the things around the site, every day from morning to night to wake up the sleeping, the computer is open, as long as the computer is open, I will sit in front of the computer, and if I sit in front of the computer so that I be in in my website, not to run, not exercise the body, the body no wonder so bad, even the strange big belly swing, no wonder ———

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