The weather in winter on the plight of the webmaster

The first snow of 2010

coming in so cold north. Late at 2:23, how can I sleep?. Just because my dreams seem to fail again,

, I am a webmaster of a novel station, an old novice. But I have an ideal. Insist on doing your own novel station! This station is bought! Because of personal technical reasons, so I cherish this station! We all know. The novel is not easy to do, for a large space, huge resources, easy to flat-share a server in Guangdong, and because the same room site with illegal information, disconnection, the whole room was completely paralyzed! In order not to let the station my little traffic loss, reluctantly rented server which wanted! Good times don’t last long. Before 5 days, will be sealed network. I fear, the so-called vulgar information! Some vulgar, just from the online collection of novel words may be some explicit! I have to admit I did not view the article carefully! But without any notice of the supervisor in advance under the force of 80 port shield my station! Let me tears


, a hard work station. Crashing down overnight! I can only suffer losses and their starting point is not ideal! Vulgar content? About 1000000 works is not a vulgar content? Why not break the 80 starting point on the Internet? Up today, the small owners has been standing in the teeth of the storm boat, may turn off at any time! The ship won’t suffer forever in these drags the boat! The North heavy snow, heavy snow in Beijing in winter! Stationmaster also get what time


legend is about to break the net. Legend to block. But true to him, still can’t accept! Against pornography crime is against vulgar content I agree. I feel the Internet in China is like a prison in the Qing dynasty. No matter you have that tendency, as long as nothing, all kill! Would rather kill one thousand, reluctant to let go of a sleepless night, cold tonight!! published an article, the mood may not be so uncomfortable! Nobody can help us to safeguard the rights and interests, we are in the winter snow is not trampled. It’s melting. Really let those people eat on the Internet all give up, so there’s no such thing as vulgarity or pornography,


, in the long run. Without the Internet China The nation is in peril.. What’s the future,


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