New ways of developing industry websites in the future

full range of opening, large-scale investment, is now a new route of Internet development, and to represent the general trend of regional economic integration, is to seize the initiative, strive for active area, the only way which must be passed to accelerate the development of. At present, the IT industry increasingly fierce economic competition, to achieve leapfrog development, only to seize a direction of development, to seek new development line expansion, try to better guide business projects, more market advantage, update.

each investment is a complex open system, from the perspective of management, website investment system is composed of talent, technology, resources, time, space, information and other elements together, and organic whole operation to achieve a specific project objectives. As an operating system, the integrity of the law can not be violated. It requires a guarantee system to co-ordinate and coordinate the whole process of investment. At the same time, the investment of a website is closely related to the outside, and there is a constant exchange of resources and information between the environment and the outside environment.

from the author’s point of view, Chinese second-hand computer web site project implementation is a certain risk, may be disturbed by other external factors, such as the market changes, funding is not in place, the partners appear repeatedly etc.. However, the development of enterprises must go to this stage, therefore, starting from the project negotiations, the establishment of a sense of risk and uncertainty, and prepared to do both. The problems in project implementation, try to consider, formulate alternative plan, consider the worst, from the good preparation, so that China second-hand computer network investment uncertainty to a minimum.

"comprehensive investment, to stay in business, deal with the relationship between recruit and stay", this is China’s second-hand computer network investment way, in a sense, investment is important is a large number of follow-up work. Franchisees can recruit, and stay, the key depends on the quality of the latter services. In the process of investment, (2it.com.cn) simplify procedures, improve efficiency, and make good use of policies, and constantly "excellent business, Hui business, security business, business support", so that customers join the business investment trust, management, peace of mind, comfortable life. We can not only promote investment projects, and to join the air plant, continue to increase investment, expand the scale of enterprises, can also form a good reputation in the business district, formed outside the outer primer to snowball, business lead business "" and "grape bunch" effect.

network media and television media audience inverse relationship between, mild TV contact is heavy network contacts, that is not often watch TV crowd but often online. In the focus of social hot spots, the media audience is not simply relying on traditional television media. On the contrary, in view of the immediacy and interactivity of online media, the audience relies more on Internet media than television media. At the end of 2006, the investment in China’s second-hand computer network was officially launched, which has opened a new page in the Internet marketing service of China’s second-hand computer network. In this framework, with the overall upgrading of investment services, continue to improve >

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