When the webmaster do T you are the future billionaire when the webmaster do not do T you are j

is to work for a living site long and want to do webmaster friends, if you are already a day into gold, please pass the

first take a look at the top 2007 in the list of China’s five richest people:

1. Chen Tianqiao family

assets: $15 billion, currently engaged in network

2. Wong Kwong Yu

assets: $15 billion, currently engaged in network

3. Larry Yung Chi Kin

assets: $9 billion 400 million, currently engaged in real estate

4. Lu Guanqiu family

assets: $7 billion 500 million, currently engaged in automotive

5. Ding Lei

assets: $7 billion, currently engaged in network

from the above data can be seen that you should cut your wealth; if not, you will see a few times; at times still can not see, I tell you responsibly, you want to become a millionaire, it is difficult to


in 2007, China’s rich ranking has told you, if you want to do a big thing, become a billionaire, or do IT when the webmaster.

people grow in the soil of society, you create wealth is limited, even if you have three minds and 6 arms, plus four eyes, is no exception.

wealth is accumulated, and in the traditional process of wealth accumulation, these stages must be experienced:

make their own income diversification – RMB – choose wealth accumulation Many drops of water make an ocean. many littles make a mickle. lifestyle – often – financial and investment investment tomorrow.

now think about how much wealth you have. 1000 yuan or one hundred million?

, if you’re as poor as I am, register a domain name as a webmaster.

registration domain name is very simple, to find a domain name registrar to register on it; domain name on your website long important here mention some of the registration domain name tips.

you register to do the domain name of website, should have concise, clear, good remember, the characteristic with deep meaning.

, for example: www.china.com, the domain name of the site, as long as the Chinese people will remember, even if foreigners remember.

of course, now not much good domain name; from Baidu, Google these big internet search giant recently search ranking algorithm; the website using Pinyin domain is better, because it is easy to SEO to the front row to search results. At the same time, the Chinese Web site is for the Chinese people to see, but also easy to remember your domain name. The domain name is as short as possible; if it is too long, you can make appropriate improvements; for example, commercial China, the four words registered domain name, registered as www.sh>

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