Talking about how to enter the white list

MIIT 16 launched the strengthening of domain name registration management special rectification action requirements, China’s domain name holders will implement a blacklist system, that is closed website domain name holder blacklisted.

it is understood that all blacklisted websites include four categories: not to obtain the "permit" network cultural business novels, games and other types of sites; without the "Internet electronic bulletin service license" forum, chat room, message boards and other types of sites; without the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" the network audio, film and other types of sites; in addition, the game plug-in, the spread of viruses, hackers, video, BT download website etc..

therefore, the corresponding "white list system" was born. At present, Sichuan, Anhui and other provinces have implemented the "white list" system. "White list" system clearly stipulates that the list did not enter the white list of all sites are inaccessible. It is reported that, in this round of inventory, Anhui many small film and television, small games, small picture sites by the impact of the closure of the transition, the transition. The stationmaster lost his job and lost his job.

appeared on the black list and rectification, the six dimension (http:: //s.lwfree.cn) senior webmaster said: Master of the website is the lack of supervision of source of black and white list two differentiation, some very regular website to put a BBS or message board, and poor management, leading to the forum or message board there a lot of illegal information, can not be promptly removed, so the whole website has become a "edge ball"; in addition, one of the problems is the site for the record source, many owners have a website domain name space, a lot of domain name space is no record, therefore, resulting in all domains are unable to access.

such losses are immeasurable, facing the rigorous rectification of the Internet, the challenges faced by the webmaster is also very grim, how should the webmaster go into "white list" and stay away from "blacklist"?

to solve this problem, the six dimensional senior webmaster said: in fact, the way is very simple, as long as the "number one three monitoring", the so-called "number" refers to the record number of national network monitoring requires all record number without the website once found shut down, to record is the primary problem, three refers to novels, games and other website to obtain the "permit" network culture management; forum, chat room, message boards and other website to obtain the "Internet electronic bulletin service license"; network audio-visual, film and other types of Web site for "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit"; monitoring refers to the site of real-time monitoring, monitoring of illegal information.

for the above mentioned problems, not the general service providers can do, we must choose qualified and competent service providers, will be more perfect for customers with the above services.

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