Case study selection of local websites’ domain names

more and more friends choose to do local station, personally feel that this is a rational trend, know a friend, powerful technology, do a lot of websites, just want to put the website to become bigger and stronger, it can be said that this man has strong team spirit, ideal is very great, but in the end these sites, except the appearance, basically just a shell. Why did this happen? Personal feeling is the main target set too high, the positioning error, just want to make the website global, at the very least nationwide, the only hope that the greater the greater the disappointment also, before I have had the experience, a lot of ideas, but also to do, but no one can insist on down. Until back calmly, decided to face the reality, to repent, to do whatever things, eventually chose to make a place I was born in this Earth website.

today to talk to you about the choice of the domain name. Since it is a local station, of course the choice of domain name has the best correlation and local area, such as before a friend talked about the Xiamen fish, we see his domain name (xmfish), XM in front of Xiamen is also the domain name in pinyin, is not related to local is very famous the 19 floor, such as Hangzhou, Changzhou long lane, but I believe that, with local related domain name is best, because it will let users feel friendliness, easier to users of our web site to produce a feeling of love. I do local station is related to the Quanzhou, I choose the domain name is QZ (www.qzniu.com), Quanzhou is referred to as pinyin, then I analyzed several local competition sites, found that most of the sites are also related to the local domain name, such as QZ, Mn (Fujian), 0595 (Quanzhou District Number 1) so I think, if the novice started doing local stations, the domain name is best to use the local.

then talk about the domain name suffix, I choose.Com (qzniu.com), I think it is best to choose.Com then can choose.Cn, does not recommend the use of.Net as a domain name. Although.Net use than.Cn wide, but from the user habits, the most comfortable input is.Com followed by.Cn. But we must face only local station in local area is Chinese,.Cn also feel just perfect.

this article is provided by the author of Quanzhou trading network. I hope that I can communicate with new friends who are doing local stations, and please criticize me for shortcomings.

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