Four point promotion skills of keeping pace with the times

is a website promotion often talk about the topic, different period of promotion means is all kinds of, especially in recent years, the search engine algorithm repeatedly upgrade changes, such as more well-known Baidu search engine has launched a Scindapsus algorithm and the algorithm of pomegranate, severely hit the sale and the number of advertisements contain bad links hinder the normal browsing of users page. Let the website wave a wave after wave of new algorithm on-line to stationmaster friends to a big blow, this is really a few happy worry, in the face of the search engine algorithm changing, find belong to our own set of website promotion skill is the good way to deal with the search engine, mechanically it is digging in the trap for yourself, will only let you deeper and deeper, the analysis of a few compared with the search engine algorithm website promotion skills:

first point: website promotion of the original article is the basis for development

2013 Baidu search engine is about the "original", why should the original? Because the original is the basis for the development of the Internet, if we open the computer all the content is the same, so how to develop the Internet how to progress, so we will do themselves, from the content to start, so that each article must strive for excellence others do not, we have some others, we write, so it is, a readable articles will make people more search engines love is good to hear or see, grab information, insist to write several pieces of the original high quality articles every day, days and months multiplying slowly you will find the original article, the effect is caused by Everfount and lasting.

second points: website promotion line, such as flowing outside the chain

The construction site of

chain is a very important step in the promotion of the website, the chain of the website keyword ranking to upgrade quickly, according to the Baidu search engine update algorithm, the construction site outside the chain is also more cautious, unreasonable chain approach not only will not enhance the rankings but will make the site in the right down off the cliff. A lasting and reasonable construction of the chain of thinking is particularly important, in the face of changing the search engine, we must do the site outside the chain of high quality, the chain will appear naturally, so as to meet the audit requirements of foreign search engine chain, deliberately sending spam, the chain is counterproductive. Here we speak for the chain like water, what is the chain of natural water like? You need to combine with the first point of the original article, the article forwarded Bring chain is basically in line with the search engine algorithm of permanent forwarding chain brought by high is more widely distributed, is a high quality of the article will bring Everfount chain wide distribution, the chain is actually good content.

third: website promotion of friendship link exchange

and other website Links is an important content of the website promotion, looking for their own website Links is a very difficult task, for a webmaster patience and careful requirements "

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