n the case of ifeng com information site how to stick to the user

With the continuous upgrading of the

search engine algorithm, we can find that the algorithm towards more station optimization direction, the simple truth is no matter how powerful you outside of the chain, whether you included a high amount of how much, if you set the station can not meet the visitor’s needs, not to let visitors satisfied, even if optimized we can not retain users. This is especially important in information sites. Today I will help present in widely known information site ifeng.com, on how to better through some details to stick to the user.

a, home slide settings

anyone who has a little SEO base should be aware that the slides need to use Flash or JavaScript, which are not friendly to the search engines. The author believes that everything has advantages and disadvantages, the key is how you look at it. For the user experience, to attract users to slide is a good choice, but the information site for us, the picture is essential, if we can use the slide to attract users, will get good results. Then use the slide we need to pay attention to what the problem? The slide is not the pursuit of big, right, many people think that information site slides should be large enough style, in fact, small slides can also attract the attention of users, such as map for slide picture this ifeng.com: the home page


small slides can not only good to attract the attention of the user, but not because of too large picture and affect the speed of the site, resulting in The loss outweighs the gain. At the same time, if you look at the slide in ifeng.com pictures you will find that the above picture is very eye-catching picture and the title, this is an information site, not as long as you get a slide can attract visitors to the eye, such as how to select the picture is more a key ring.

two creates an independent theme page for hotspot information

news event is often not just one, but by a series of antecedents and consequences. News events have a timeline that covers the causes, developments, and ends of time. How to link up these related news events will affect visitors to further access, and we can look at how Phoenix handles a series of related news, as shown in figure



we can see that Phoenix will create a feature page for an independent hot event. Then, how to set up the structure of the topic page? I believe that the design concept of the topic page is clear and concise. We look at the design structure ifeng.com web pages, we can put the figure in the page is divided into three structures, 1: timeline of news events, record news events from occurring to the latest events. 2: important news on this topic, this >

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