From knowing the laggards to becoming the laggards and then leaving the laggards

, about October, in 2007, a friend of mine said to me, "as long as you’re behind the times, you have everything.". Is the friend of a joke, pulled me into the outdated circle! I don’t know the laggards webmaster forum how great was more cattle B. My friend told me what to have inside, what program source code, technology, a lot of high. You can learn a lot. I remember registering a ID at that time, so I didn’t register at that time. Until 2008 May, I signed up for an account and started a career behind me. At the beginning, mixing in the New District, every day application outdated, I asked a lot, how can quickly outdated?. Others told me more original articles and other fish applications, good, I wrote a lot of original articles. Although the article does not have any technical content, it must be original. Write one after another, looking at points or -20, then very depressed, why is this? There are others sharing program software, what can be added points, I also share with you, but still do not give points. I’m disappointed. Don’t out than the legendary and hard efforts? So a long time no less I feel right.

is now thinking about what he’s been thinking about when he’s out of date: in fact, fish rarely watch our posts or posts because he’s busy. Occasionally on the line to add us a few points, that is good luck, in fact, what original, not original fish, did not see at all. Why do I say that, so many applications for backward fish can see it? I believe many people are not ugly. Someone else would say. Don’t fall behind in order to be out of date; conversely, don’t fall behind in order to be out of date. Why do we have to apply for outdated, get a new district? Direct registration, everyone into the exchange is that, from a certain angle to observe the outdated model, feeling is designed circle. What a mysterious feeling! I was behind the time when I held the event. At that time, all the requirements were out of date and -20 was out of date!


is out of fashion around November 2008. It’s nice and exciting. You can learn something, you can get a lot of things behind the times. I am full of passion passion into the webmaster resources exchange posted new reports just behind while many people congratulate my heart very happy mood is unable to express popular saying goes good. Want bigger disappointment, good times don’t last long. There are some very very vulgar obscene content, that is the webmaster forum on the website of the post a few top people or expression or MJJ administator Oh ha ha good reply to a world of waters sea water, too much water. There is no real meaning, but there is no way to follow it in the water, it must be outdated, not easy, perhaps to Amoy to what good things, learn a little thing, what do not understand, you can go in, ask a post. I was disappointed again to ask a question, and the following reply was just like water. Or do not know what the world thoroughly disappointed. Others also sent a lot. I see the same thing. It’s speechless, in it!

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