Economic chain hotel website analysis pioneer of hotel e commerce development

economic chain hotel development in recent two years is relatively fast, especially after the listing of Home Inn, led a large number of hotels to enter. Economy hotel chain in the operation mode, business innovation and other aspects, than the traditional hotel set up a stroke above, the economy hotel chain in the industry’s banner. The words of this article mainly analyses the hotel website, this article mainly aims at the important chain hotel industry, few can do for the economy hotel chain website benchmarking analysis, I think the other is similar to the hotel, if the station, based on their characteristics, to emulate their ballpark. The site of the star hotel mentioned in the previous article, the purpose of excluding them, is that the quality of the star hotel website is very different from that of the Econo Hotel website.

"economy", low price, low cost operation, to provide users with more cost-effective accommodation services. "Chain", chain management, unified brand, unified service, unified booking, providing integrated services for users, which is an important feature of economic chain wine. It is precisely because of these characteristics of the economy hotel chain itself, some properties and advantages and the Internet itself, resulting in the economic chain hotel on the website of the dependence will be increasingly high, gradually become the forerunner of the hotel e-commerce industry and pioneer. Economy chain wine through the Internet directly to end users, homegrown, users can better accept. Strong brand advocacy and support for the people, so that users have more sense of security and trust. The hotel e-commerce will become the trend of future development, at present, 7 days of chain is doing the best for 7 days, according to official data revealed that the 7 Days Inn of online self booking has now reached about 50%, this is a very good news, but also recently saw them, and if the adjacent days career sites such as cooperation, this is a new breakthrough, trend driven.

this article mainly aims at following several websites to carry on the analysis, simultaneously enumerates some data, will make the analysis below:


data on the website in the above table:

in the Internet industry, external indicators external general evaluation of the quality of a website, basically to collect the above data for reference, I do not do any analysis of data and ranking here, because these data can only be one-sided to illustrate some of the problems, and not absolutely. As a web site operator, we shouldn’t pay too much attention to these data, he does not fully represent what, these data can go to, you say you are innocent, not false, but you have to make sure people? So don’t always take these data to make the contrast that, who ranked first, who ranked second. No significance. Practice the basic work, do their own thing, this is the most important, you have done all the work done in place, and your data will naturally come up. Users say hello, you are good, users say you first, you are first.

chain hotel website column analysis:


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