Two Adsense network revision see website positioning

less than a week, the domestic two well-known Adsense station has been revised, by their revision can be seen, they pay more attention to the user experience.

Chinese station revision, than a website positioning more clearly, for the first time in the station website, focus on information reading, with the industry news, articles second, second class user submission, the above are my own experience out of the conclusion of.

site layout is relatively clear, but in my opinion, although the station has been advocating the user submission, write the webmaster, but at this point is not doing enough to Admin5, because the Admin5 Adsense contribute articles placed in a prominent position, a small position, let more hope of writing a friend wrote to show in front of more people, the webmaster can quickly browse the webmaster webmaster in writing, enhance people to show the opportunity, so the update in writing articles on the relatively fast, but there may be a Chinaz audit system with different degrees of


in the old version of the home page, Chinaz page to turn to see the article is written in, after the revision of the website home page, positioning more clearly than before, but also more beautiful than before, but the news columns placed in a prominent position, which is different from Admin5, although this can make friends quickly understand the industry news, but there may not be writing friend’s favor, but in the comments can have not registered friends comment after reading the article, and made his comments also have the opportunity to display in the home page, this point in the reform after doing good.

and admin5. do not know what reason, I visited Admin5 now slow (probably because I here), so after the experience of new sites and not much feeling, but Admin5 in general and has not changed much, is the same as the user, the in the first place, not only the website color is more beautiful than ever, when focusing on the user experience and meet the visual needs. In the ad position, the new version of the ad position is obviously more than before, without affecting the user’s eye, a modest increase in some advertising position, make the website income increased, in the comments, before Admin5 is not registered to comment, but now only registered users can comment on this point to do a little less than.

conclusion: the revision of two websites has advantages and disadvantages. If two websites can absorb the advantages of each other and correct their own bad places, there may be more room for development.

the above views just my point of view, want to leave your voice after reading the article, if you are interested in communication, you can add my QQ:564576800, and I hope you will support my website www.mbjia.com, to write articles and share > later

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