Ma Huateng appease Entrepreneurs Tencent do not grab jobs the minimum goal to succeed


yesterday in the brother with the share of Robin Li’s view on business, so with the Internet gangster Ma Huateng how theentrepreneurship


Ma Huateng believes the current Internet business environment is very good, many segments have a lot of business opportunities, as long as it catches a very detailed, the use of information technology to improve the efficiency of people, improve people’s lives, to solve a pain point, can be successful, especially with the combination of the traditional life O2O.

April 28th, the mobile Internet Conference, Tencent announced the opening of strategic transformation, upgrade to the public space. The second day, the board of directors of the Tencent chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng delivered a keynote speech at the 2015 "Internet plus China" summit, explained that this is because Internet plus background, he also apply to all participants of the city, "I hope you will provide more resources, and I have put together a" Internet plus "the innovation business platform built."

talk about opening: partners overall valuation of over 200 billion

in the "Internet plus" era, the Tencent only connector and the content industry, entrepreneurs need not worry about the Tencent to compete

in the layout of Tencent, Chengdu has a special status. In early 2013, the first domestic Tencent developer support center "in Chengdu high tech Zone, Tencent and Tencent open platform cloud platform resources to help developers approved open, save the cost of developers to promote their products.

for many years, most afraid of entrepreneurs is Ma Huateng, market rumors, venture entrepreneurs asked a question: do you have to do something Tencent? In other words, if the Tencent is doing, entrepreneurs out of the question. Prior to the 3Q war, Tencent is also what areas have entered, electricity providers, search, security……

But Ma Huateng

, "appease" entrepreneurs in the "Internet plus" era, the Tencent only connector and the content industry, entrepreneurs need not worry about the Tencent to compete. We put a lot of business in the past to sort out, we have to change the original business strategy to do everything, we put the search to sell, sell e-commerce, a lot of O2O and small business we have cut."

in Ma Huateng’s view, "innovation is the lifeline of the development of the Internet, such as WeChat as the representative of the" rapid iterative "innovation mode, rapidly to meet user needs, solve the user pain points, at the same time through the open interface and open platform, to promote the" ecological industry collaborative innovation ", brings new products, new mode with the new ecology, promote public innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tencent to open platform as an example, the total number of applications has reached 2 million 400 thousand, the application types of entertainment, life and education and other aspects, a total of 5 million entrepreneurs, covering the 1-3 line of the city, partners overall valuation of more than 200 billion yuan.

talk about entrepreneurship: low polished product return is < >

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