Rookie webmaster site please don’t impulse

always want to record their own website, not because they have much success in this area, but because do stand in the process to have too much bitterness may only oneself know, not to be understood, at the expense of their own a lot of time. And his thinking is not clear, resulting in the website development speed is slow, and taking many detours, very much because of his lack of summary, so I will be a station diary, and share at the same time, also to motivate themselves and supervise their own."

first of all, I want to review my initial

yes, one night at 2008.3.1, I finally bought an impulse to go with me to the current domain name. This one night may affect my whole life, and that may be something I didn’t think of before. That I do stand time is not long, I just started completely on the website of the internal operation (of course is also utterly ignorant of smattered), when my friends and I started doing this, he held a forum with the DZ program, a year ago or DZ version of what I have forget (DZ is developing so fast ah, that is) entertainment forum, at the beginning we do very passionate, every day to spend a lot of time to update, so the forum is relatively stable development, also has a number of loyal users, although not very hot, but every day with ginseng and discussion, but also more exciting. It made me feel that the big family built by the Internet was very interesting.

just when we were in high spirits, something dramatic happened. Because we bought a private space, and this space business server hacked by hackers, resulting in all data lost, our forum is also finished. It made us very downhearted. Some time later, we don’t think about re forum, also lost some confidence on site.

soon after, I started planning my own forum. Because before and friends cooperation, in very much think of law conflict, so very want to do according to their own wishes. First of all I want to say is that I have not learned the relevant knowledge of website construction, can say that does not have the ability to do a simple forum, I even set up DZ is spent a night slowly pondering, also do not know to ask how many people stayed up much of the night is due do one’s own forum for persistent thought, I now think of it, maybe I will not regret it.

first I bought the domain name and bought another space for the private space provider. The total cost of 200 yuan, for those of us who do not have much money, we can only buy this kind of no guarantee of space. I started thinking about domain names, which I wanted to buy well, because my friend told me that the domain name had been chosen, and I had a lot of help in the construction of the website, and also told me what kind of domain name is good. It’s very difficult to choose a good domain name. I think I personally like something very creative, so I think I must bring a idea in it, so I’ll try again and again

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