Some operational experience at Taobao stores three months to comment


passenger rise in 09 years, because of the factors of high stability, high income, good reputation, promote diversity and low threshold, so far the new or old webmaster favorite Wangzhuan one, but in 10 years and 11 years in the past two years, due to Baidu API Taobao station point in most combat, Taobao API station friend moved navigation, a single page of Taobao guest website.

before, the author is also doing a single page, but because the competition is too intense, coupled with the author’s SEO knowledge is not as good as their advanced, so I finally chose to abandon the promotion of Taobao customers single page. But think of the huge Taobao cake, you have to bite a little bit of it, but also suffer from no good ideas and website case. Later in a QQ group met a man, he also made Taobao off, talking to him, I got inspiration (in this specific conversation is not to write out) decided to build a Taobao store comment.

said the first station built under preparation work, first of all have to say is the host of the stable, before I love a virtual host, because cheap well, besides your site traffic is not high, but no good cheap, on the understanding that the independent IP for help after the website ranking, in the selection of the host when the final choice of a Hongkong independent IP VPS host, one is the pursuit of stability, the speed is two. Then under the domain of the problem, at the beginning of the originally wanted to buy an old rice, a Bixinmi optimization is easier to compare some of it, but the author or because of fear of being cheated registered a new meter (some old cheating records, with the new ranking against adverse, remember).


website is the choice of the program. After all, it is the mainstream now, also the author simply find a template, people had a custom, in the content construction, the author chose not to collect, and without the use of software to help the pseudo original content, because I always feel soft pseudo original content not artificial well, although a little hard, but the content of artificial pseudo original high readability, the user experience is also high, so then it’s a little hard to


in the external optimization of the site, I chose the main chain, because it is new domain name, new web site, so only rely on a large number of chain to enhance the home page ranking. Although the quality of the chain is not in quantity, but is not well, so I ordered a chain plan, which includes every day outside the chain number, the number of weekly soft, then according to the amount of time every day to do, good for 2 months, the effect on the table, the following is a screenshot look, you can see



the Taobao store network imperceptibly evaluation operation for three months, on the occasion of the Spring Festival will be released this record the growth of the article, one is to leave a mark, the two is to give the same in the blind I don’t know where to start > Amoy

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