One stone arouses layer upon layer of wave 1 why is domain name market so popular

Web2.0’s arrival, the Internet entered into the period of development in the limelight, domain name investment is a lot of professional speculators preferred. A lot of work in the domain name speculation minon day to seek profits, or for the night. However, sitting in her house money after all or a few, large companies to sell dollars example is very rare. Then what causes the domain name market to be so hot, is it just the trend of the Internet development? What is it? A stone has aroused thousands of waves, the domain name investment can also go far, and it is a problem which is resistant to speculation.

1: a prelude to the influx of domain names

domain name registration and transfer of high investment, seems to be a purely commercial means, has now become a group is a way of earning money. However, what triggered the wave of domain name investment, for example, to illustrate, such as: COM domain name in the world is considered the best domain name, and the NET domain name, its value is only 20%-25%, ORG and CN is currently only about 10%. Obviously, the domain name investment tide still stays in the group attention degree. Facts have also proved that the COM domain name does have an unparalleled charm of transactions, in its transaction value has always ranked first. If the lost such a degree of concern, and how? But the ultimate reason, COM investment is more valuable, which is intended to "commercial" domain name suffix, far from being "free ORG" and "CN China" so comparable.

two: an inevitable trigger for investment and

how fast does the Internet develop? How fast will the domain name investment tide take place?. In recent years, the Internet Web2.0 has brought more experience impact to users, while the surge in the number of websites has created the tension of its excellent resources. Domain name game confrontation is one of them, the game is the user search habits and convenience. And the domain name wins the user in convenient, the first is to obtain the user’s search thought and the value relevance of the website and domain name. On the hot value of today’s domain name, although there are many suspected speculation, but even if the natural development, and ultimately can not avoid such an end. Tens of thousands of domain names, frequently tens of thousands or even tens of millions, in the domain name investment examples have been everywhere. This lucrative investment domain, hence the.

three: the value of search engines to guide

, for example, such as two of the same quality as the same as the "micro-blog" website, however, a constituency "domain name is totally different" and one for "", if the user search "micro-blog" such keywords, the results will show how the "" behoove? But take advantage of. In order to rank fairly well, search engines can only do so, setting up ranking rules. Of course, which also involves many other factors of user search habits, but most users in the search after the point into the site is more domain name have innate advantage for the selected >

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